Master Precision Garment Steamer

TEFAL MASTER PRECISION 360 IT6540 Removes creases and wrinkles quickly, with the comfort, ease and precision of just one hand.

Tefal’s Master Precision 360° Garment Steamer is a versatile and easy-to-use steaming tool that provides efficient results in no time, with great performance even in tricky, hard-to-reach areas through the precision shot feature. This handy garment steamer smoothes out creases and removes odors from a wide variety of fabrics, ideal for both intensive steaming sessions or last-minute touch-ups, to help you look your best whenever you need it.


Tefal’s Master Precision 360° Garment Steamer is a versatile and easy-to-use steaming tool that provides efficient results in no time. Perfect for freshing up clothes, removing ordours or just sanitising. New triangular metal head with pointed tip for greater performance, even in trickly, hard-to-to-reach areas Precision shot at tip to effectibely remove stubborn creases 2 Setting options - concentrated or diffused steam for all wide variety 360°Rotative hanger – let's you steam bank and front of any garment with total ease Foot operated ON – OFF Switch - easy on the back Quick heat up - ready in 45 seconds Steam rate: 30g/min Integrated Pants clip for apparel versatility Telescopic pile for easy height adjustment Removable large 2.5 L water tank with 80 mins of use Wheels for portable convenience Other accessories included - Fabric brush, steam bonnet & crease attachment 2 Year replacement Warranty

  • 2 Setting Options - Concentrated precison shot or diffused for steam versatility

    Easy and precise wrinkle removal down the last detail: tackle difficult-to-reach areas with the precision shot that concentrates steam through the tip of the steam head

  • Adapted to all fabrics

    Use your steamer on any fabric, even the most delicate, with no risk of burning!

  • Handy accessories

    3 accessories included:
    - Fabric brush: to open the weaves of the fabric for better steam penetration, ideal for removing creases on thick fabrics
    - Crease attachment: to create pleats in your pants
    - Steam Bonnet: to provide even distribution of steam, filter water impurities and protect fabrics from water drips.

  • Precision

    Large and triangular metal steam head with pointed tip to remove creases efficiently on all fabrics

  • Easy transportation

    2 large wheels to use your appliance anywhere in the house.

  • Easy adjustable height

    Simple on/off foot-operated pedal, with adjustable pole and robust hanger with integrated pant clips.

  • Easy Refilling

    2.5 L removable water tank allows up to 80 minutes' steaming, perfect for intensive steaming sessions and last-minute touch-ups.

  • Quick heat up

    Cut down on time spent on linen care: no trips to the dry cleaner, no ironing board, and a fast heat-up time of just 45 seconds.

  • 360° rotating hanger for easy front and front steaming

    Easy steaming on the front and back through the 360° rotating hanger, for added convenience and efficient performance.

  • Refreshes & sanitizes

    1500 W of power and steam output of 30 g/min allow deep diffusion through the fibers to refresh and sanitize all kind of garments.

Power 1500  W
Steam output 30  g/min
Heat-up time 45  s
Steam head Metal  
Water tank capacity 2,5  L
Water tank Removable  
Power cord length 2  m
Autonomy 80  min
Adjustable pole Simple  
On/Off switch Foot operated  
Power cord storage Velcro & coord hook  
Hanger hook    
Accessories Fabric Brush, Steam Bonnet, Crease attachment  
Colours Black / Raspberry  
Guarantee 2 YEARS  

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