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Tefal brings you a selection of innovative cookware ranges, including induction cookware which has been designed to enhance your cookware experience. Induction cookware allows you to heat food quickly and is easy to clean. You’ll not only be able to cook delicious and healthier meals thanks to the famous Thermo-Spot™ heat indicator and superior non-stick coating, but it will make washing your pots and pans a breeze.

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Cook with Jamie

  • Jamie Oliver TEFAL Hard Anodised
    Jamie Oliver TEFAL Hard Anodised

    The ultra-resistant hard-anodised cookware designed by Jamie Oliver.

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  • Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel
    Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel

    The hard-wearing non-stick cookware for everyday cooking

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  • Jamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel Cookware

    Cook like a French Chef

  • Heritage Tri Ply
    Heritage Tri Ply

    Elegant and classic designed French cookware with a triply construction for perfect heat diffusion.

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  • Heritage Non-Stick
    Heritage Non-Stick

    Elegant and classic designed French cookware with unique non-stick exterior & interior.

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  • The Expert Cook

  • Pro Selection
    Pro Selection

    Sophisticated, contemporary designed cookware with durable performance and a beautifully designed stainless steel handle.

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  • Talent

    High quality non-stick cookware for the home cook looking for reliability, dependability and generous capacity cookware.

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  • Expertise

    Coating lasts up to 3 times longer*

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  • The Daily Cook

  • Gourmet Hard Anodised
    Gourmet Hard Anodised

    Dependable, extra durable and great looking cookware.

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  • Comfort Grip
    Comfort Grip

    Non-stick coating lasts up to 2 times longer*

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  • Evidence Black
    Evidence Black

    Non-stick pans for easy, delicious cooking every day

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  • The Essential Cook

  • How Easy
    How Easy

    Easy to use and clean non-stick frying pans.

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  • Essentials 5 Piece Set
    Essentials 5 Piece Set

    A complete set of easy to clean non-stick saucepans and frypans

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  • So Intensive
    So Intensive

    Features the latest generation non-stick coatings but at an everyday value for money price.

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