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Experience cooking like a French Chef at Home with Tefal Premium Cookware.


  • Tefal Premium offers the best premium quality cookware for home cooks seeking to elevate their cooking skills with the Heritage Range and Reserve Collection.
  • The classically, stylish Heritage has a Non-Stick cookware range that has a revolutionary non-stick interior and exterior which makes them easy to clean, as well as a Triply range which is perfect for heat diffusion. The Heritage cookware and cookware sets are designed to be both long lasting and quintessentially beautiful additions to your kitchen.
  • The Reserve Collection cookware reflects modern French style, with sleek details that is perfect for any contemporary kitchen. Made with hard anodised materials, this cookware provides exceptional cooking quality and durability.
The Beauty of Technology



Discover these exquisite and seasonal recipes that have been created
by Guillaume Brahimi exclusively for Tefal Premium Cookware.
Experience cooking like a French Chef at Home.

Roasted Rack of Spring Lamb with baby vegetables & morels.

Reserve Collection – Frying Pan 30 cm
Tefal is committed to producing long lasting, high quality cookware and cookware sets from a range of materials including creating safe, non-stick cookware.
  • Tefal non-stick is completely safe. The The non-stick coatings
    contain NO lead, NO cadmium, and NO PFOA.
  • Tefal is one of the few non-stick manufacturers to produce their own
    non-stick coatings. All our non-stick coatings are made without the
    use of PFOA.
  • Non-stick is also known as PTFE – PolyeTetraFluroEthylene. It is a
    tough, non-flammable synthetic material used to create the
    non-stick coatings on cookware.
  • PTFE was created in 1938 and have continued to remain a safe,
    reliable choice to produce cookware. The PTFE coatings created by
    Tefal are designed and formulated to resist chipping, blistering and
    peeling when used under normal conditions.

Our mission is to give you the opportunity through our products and services to enjoy tasty, diversified and healthy cooking and perform useful daily activities for you, your loved and your friends. Our new concepts and innovations are based upon your needs. Everything started with a single idea: the non-stick pan. A revolutionary product that made cooking simpler and attractive. Since then, we have always been trying to innovate and we have one motto: make your everyday life easier.

All along these years, Tefal has offered you a range of innovative solutions and thanks to you, we have become the world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation products and scales. Today, Tefal is close to you in more than 120 countries and many of our products are proudly made in France – since 1956.

Tefal Cookware Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tefal guarantees you the ultimate cooking satisfaction with its range of reliable cookware. A wide range of products, most of them equipped with the latest innovation including Thermo-Spot® technology, there is something for every cook.